Wonderland Symposium on Art and Science. Vincent performed and spoke as part of the Keynote panel for this ambitious event. KSP Tokyo Japan Nov./89

JAGDA Interactive Design Symposium. Vincent was a keynote speaker and performer for the Japanese Graphic Design Associations annual symposium. Tokyo, Japan Nov.14 /90

NEC Congress. A performance and keynote speech for NEC Computers Congress on the future of computing. Tokyo, Japan Nov 15 /90

WSLC. VJV performed and spoke as part of the keynote for the Washington State Library Conference. Seattle, Wash. August/91

Digital Computers Conference '92. VJV was a keynote speaker and performer. San Jose, CA Feb. 5 /92

Informatique '92 Conference. VJV was a Keynote panelist and performer for this New Media Event. Montpellier, France, April 25/92

Alaska ECC. VJV was the opening Keynote speaker and performer for this educational conference. Anchorage, Alaska April 17/92

International SYMPTE conference. Vivid's work on the leading edge of TV and Video won VJV panelist and performer for this Film Industry Event. Toronto Can. May 5/92

Rio Reality Concerts. Rio's first exposure to VR included a keynote speech/three concerts by VJV. Rio De Janeiro Brazil June 22-27/93

NECC conference. Top national conference on computers in education. VJV gave a keynote address and performance. Orlando, Florida June 30/93

Macul Conference. Michigan teachers conference on computers in education. VJV was special keynote speaker and performer. Grand Rapids Mich. Jan/94

New York State Education Conference. VJV was invited to give a keynote speech/performance for this group of educators. Albany NY Dec. 10 /94

Perth Festival. Vincent John Vincent did 2 performances and was a creative and technical workshop speaker. Perth Australia Wed. March 6-Thursday March 7 /.96

SATIR'96. VJV performed and spoke at the Avanta conference on the dynamic of man/machine interfacing. Waterloo, Ontario August 96.

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