The Limelight. This wild night club hosted a VR night and had VJV perform to an enthusiastic crowd. New York, NY Feb./92

Cyberdelic Rave. The Vivid Group produced Toronto's first techno/electric VR Rave and VJV performed. Toronto, Can. March 7/92

Once again VJV and 20th Century Kid dedicate their performance services to Toronto Earth day /92 Toronto Can. April 22/92

Grand Scientific Musical Theatre Concert. This Multimedia extravaganza for 15,000 was produced by Scott Page, Allen Parsons and Bob Ezrin. The line-up included Jon Anderson (YES), John Entwistle (The Who), Graham Nash, Edgar Winter, Todd Rundgren, Cirque Du Soleil, 30 projection screens and 10 Silicon Graphic Machines. VJV joined other SF interactive musicians to form Tryber which rounded out the bill. Los Vegas Auditorium Nevada Nov. 17/92

5th Verbum/Bill Graham Prod. Digital Be-in SF CA Jan. 14/93

Rio Reality Concerts. Rio's first exposure to Virtual Reality included a keynote speech and three concert performances by VJV. Rio De Janeiro Brazil June 22-27/93

Virtual Visionary Concerts (CBC-TV). VJV and 20th Century Kid, and Jaron Lanier share a series of VR Concerts Toronto, Can. May 28/93

6th Verbum/Bill Graham Prod. Digital Be-in. Counterculture and technology combine for an evening of interactive exploration and performances. Annual @ MAC week SF CA Jan. 14/94

International Digital Media Awards Show. VJV was one of the executive producers, and the headline performer at this totally wired award show, co-produced and co-created by The Vivid Group. Virtual teleconference links allowed presenters Todd Rundgren and Timothy Leary in SF and LA to interact in Virtual Worlds with presenters on stage in Toronto. Canada May 27 /94

Trans -Atlantic Teleconference Performance. VJV in Toronto performs in Virtual Reality with a dancer in Belgium via Vivid's unique Virtual Video -Teleconferencing Technology. Charleroi Dance /94 Belgium-Toronto May /94

7th Annual Digital Be-In. A counterculture and technology evening of interactive exploration/performances to celebrate the use of computers for human communication and growth. VJV performer. SF Jan 6 /95

Canadian Music Industry Awards Show. VJV and 20th Century Kid were special quest performers; The Vivid Group produced the evenings special VR effects. Toronto, Can. March 23 1995

City of Toronto 25th Anniversary Earth day Concert. VJV and 20th C. Kid help produce this event and perform; The Vivid Group provides the Virtual Teleconference Link to allow interaction with concerts in other cities. Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Can. April 22 1995

Venice VR Concert. VJV and 20th C. Kid join together with other leading Multimedia performers in historic Venice, May 31 1995

2nd Annual International Digital Media Awards. VJV and 20th C. Kid headline this event again. Vivid produces VR Effects for evening. John Basset Theatre, Toronto, June 2, /95

Design Exchange E-Marche Showcase of Multi Media Products Toronto, Can Friday Sept 29- Sun Oct. 1 /95.

360 Club Tribute to Jerry Garcia and the Greatful Dead Toronto Tues. Oct. 3-Wed. Oct. 4 /95

Perth Festival. VJV and 20th C. Kid performed. Australia Wed. March 6-Thurs. March 7 /96

SATIR'96. VJV performed and spoke at the Avanta conference. Waterloo, Ontario August 96.

The Tunnel Club Premiere N.A. Performance
Calgary Winter Olympics 1988 Dance Fest.
Transinteractivity (TO/Paris Video Link)
Over 50 performance with the band "The Other One" INFOLUTIE (BSO congress on the future )
Wonderland Symposium on art/science
CHI'90 Interactive Performance shows
City of Toronto's Earth Day Concert 90
Le Fresnoy Interactive Art'90
Cyberarts'90 (Keyboard Mags Birthday Bash)
JAGDA Interactive Design Symposium
NEC Congress
3rd Verbum Digital Be-in
Mench Mier TV show
Imperial College Event
City of Toronto Earth day Concert/91
The Electronic Cafe
Imperial College Second Event
4th Verbum Digital Be-in
Digital World '92
The Limelight
Informatique '92 Conference
Cyberdelic Dance Rave
Alaska ECC
Toronto Earth day/92
International SYMPTE conference
Grand Scientific Musical Theatre Concert
5th Verbum/Bill Graham Prod. Digital Be-in
Rio Reality Concerts
NECC conference
Virtual Visionary Concerts (CBC-TV)
6th Verbum/Bill Graham Prod. Digital Be-in
Macul Conference
Digital Media Awards
Trans Atlantic Teleconference Performance
Charleroi Dance /94
NY State Education Conference
7th Annual Digital Be-In
Canadian Music Industry Award Show
25th Earth day City of Toronto
Venice VR Concerto
International Digital Media Award Show
E-Marche Design Exchange
360 Club Jerry Garcia Tribute
Perth Festival
SATIR'96 (Avanta Conference)

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