As a dancer and musician, Vincent is world renown for having brought virtual reality technology to life in hundreds of stage performances around the world, including a showcase exposition at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, The International Digital Media Awards Show, The Canadian Music Industry Awards Show, and performing to an audience of 15,000 at the star studded Grand Scientific Music Theatre in Las Vegas.

It all started back in 1982 at the University of Waterloo while Vincent was working towards a degree in Psychotherapy. His main focus was on the use of the creative arts as a therapeutic modality. Vincent was beginning to blend his own creative talents in dance, music, art, juggling and acting into both personal performances and therapeutic modes. He had a revolutionary idea that could only be facilitated with the use of computer technology. He wanted to reverse the role of the dancer from one of dancing to the music they heard, to creating the music, visual effects etc., directly from their dance movements. After tapping the brains of the U of W's computer science community he gave his proposal to Francis MacDougall and together they started to a life long collaboration of inventing creative technology.

Their first product, the Gesture Xtreme Virtual Reality System allowed Vincent to step in front of a video camera and have his live, real time, video image placed inside an animated computer world, and gave him the ability to manipulate and interact with the graphics that surrounded him. This included everything from, rolling animated balls around his body, playing music on virtual instruments, navigating his way through virtual worlds, to picking up a virtual paint brush and painting a picture on a virtual canvas.

Vincent teamed up with his brother Michael, formed a band called 20th Century Kid and began performing around the world. They were met with standing ovations for this state of the art technology, and had the opportunity to collaborate with many wonderful musicians everywhere they went.

As a keynote speaker on the lecture circuit of numerous multimedia, educational and VR conferences, Vincent illustrates the dynamics of virtual reality technology, forecasts future product trends, and discusses the social and business impact of converging media.

Vincent draws on his diverse interests as well as his training as a psychotherapist to translate creative concepts into alternative body/mind experiences, treatments and other real world applications using the Gesture Xtreme system.

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