VJV uses the Kinect and his companies Maestro3D Video Gesture Control technology, as the first person to gesture control an entire live presentation talk, device free:

VJV the World's first Virtual Reality Performer uses the video gesture control technology that he ( and partner Francis ) invented over 25 years ago, to take audiences on journeys through interactive gesture controlled dreamscapes. This is the future of Kinect performance:

VJV gives us a glimpse into the many Video Gesture Control Technologies that GestureTek (the company he and Francis MacDougall founded), invented, patented, pioneered and evangelized over the last 25 plus years:

VJV is honoured in Milan, Italy as one of the Media Gurus of the last 20 years:

VJV talks to Digital Signage site DOOH.com on the 3D Video Gesture Control Tech GestureTek invented in 2000:

VJV shows what the future of Kinect drumming should be:
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