On November 17, 1992 Vincent John Vincent of Toronto Canada, a world-renowned pioneer of virtual reality performance, joined a host of professional musicians in a mega multi-media benefit rock concert in Las Vegas. The funds raised went to the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in the United States.

Entitled The Grand Scientific Musical Theater, the event featured legendary rock performers, including:

Graham Nash - Edgar Winter - Flo and Eddie (TURTLES) - Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (STEELY DAN, DOOBIE BROTHERS) - Scott Page (Saxophone; PINK FLOYD) - Jim Kettner (TRAVELING WILBURY’S) - Steve Ferries (MISTER MISTER) - Lee Sklar (Bass; PHIL COLLINS) - members of TOWER OF POWER - Jon Anderson (YES) - Todd Rundgren - Jon Entwistle (THE WHO) - Rick Serette (WHITE SNAKE) and was produced by: Scott Page (Saxophone; PINK FLOYD) - Alan Parsons - Bob Ezerin

Vincent John Vincent performed on virtual instruments within the Canadian-made Mandala® Virtual Reality System in a new state of the art cyber-band with creative production assistance by Bob Ezerin called TRYBER. TRYBER featured: Chris Van Raalte on "bodysynth" (an instrument that allows the electrical charges from muscle movement to drive midi notes into synthesizers); Mitch Stein was on keyboards; Dean on the Mac; and Galen Brandt on lead vocals. The piece called "See Only Light" included Leland Sklar (Bassist for PHIL COLLINS) and Steve Ferris (Guitarist for MISTER MISTER) backing the band, while WILDFIRE of Los Angeles provided the vivid lighting effects. Large projection screens featured animation controlled by TRYBER’S Midi and analog output, while world-renowned animator Peter Max (THE BEATLES "YELLOW SUBMARINE" animation) created live computer animation.

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