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" "I haven't seen anyone else in the world who plays anything like me." There aren't many Canadian muscians who can make that claim. Then again, there aren't many Canadian musicians in charge of 20 employees and a two-million-dollar-a-year buisness. Vincent John Vincent, on the phone from The Vivid Group offices in Toronto, speakes exitedly about the interactive virtual reality system that has made him the John Lennon of the computer-geek world. In 1988, Vincent was touring Ontario, Quebec and New York three nights a week; now he plays internationally a couple of times a month, in places like Anchorage, Amsterdam, Paris, L.A., Australia, Rio De Janeiro and Tokyo"... "Right now, when you decide you want to be a musician, you just pick an instrument. Five years down the road, i'm sure there will be a lot of musicians who learned music for the first time on their computers, who have learned to play virtual instument. It will be slow evolution, but it's such a dynamic environment.""


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