Sentry Magazine

"A little after midnight the pounding beat ceased, and a man in a three piece suit (Rich McIntry) appeared on stage to announce:"Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for". A roar of approval came from all 4000 mouths.( Were all those people Amiga owners?) The tall graceful form of Vincent John Vincent, clad in a white jump suit appeared. He stood in front of a video cameera, and poceeded o move his arms. A colored shilouette appeared on the large screen and moved as Vincent did. Totally unprepared for what was to come, the crowd helds it's breath. A brilliant backdrop of Da Vinci's male figure appeared with Vincent's shilouette in the center. There was also a series of colored balls (ICONS) surrounding the figure. As Vincent moved his arms and touched the empty air, his on screen image toudhed a ball, and sound came forth. The balls were instruments, played through the Amiga and MIDI! The chords of Thus Spake Zarathustra flowed over the hall. He bagan to dance, playing music and controlling graphics by his movements. Scene-after-scene-appeared. A backdrop of a Mayan temple with brightly colored fruites and birds as ICONS was followed by a maze of brick walls with pots of colors arranged on the sides. The scene changes, sounds, and timing all were responding to the artistic expression of the dancer. He could as easily grab a handful of magenta to paint the sky, as play hard drum riff. When the performance was over, the crowd roared for more. This experience had been a first for everyone in the hall. Sound, sight, movement, and artistic vision had been combined (through Amiga technology) into a new artform."


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