VPM Magazine

"To see Vincent John Vincent peroform with the Mandala is breathtaking. He does not look uncool. It is as if (and does) his consciousness has merged into the technology. Now i dont mean this as in the futuristic nightmare that we all read about, but simply as a explanation of the projection of self that is part of the Mandala experience. These "out of body experiences" are not psychedelic ravings but actually true representations of what is taking place. After all, reality is a matter of perception, and we will have to, in a world of virtual reality learn to remain relative. If it is to be a means of escape from this reality, or a tool that will enable us to perceive greater possibilities within our everyday lives, it will still require a new set of values. What is allowed? What isn't? There are those who warn of of it's addictive qualities, or it's potential for simulated sex or violence, and those who see it for it's potentially greater benifits; for beauty, for art, for the affirmation of existence itself."


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